A new dimension in glass

Made from shards of glass discarded during the manufacture of BROKIS handblown glass lighting collections, Brokisglass has brought about a significant reduction in waste material. The transformation of these shards into a new decorative product represents an environmentally friendly and efficient upcycling of material, thanks to which the Janštejn Glassworks is able to employ a strategic circular economy and thus contribute to the creation of a healthy relationship between nature and humans.
“BROKISGLASS is a very progressive material, and I firmly believe it’s going to be highly successful. I see it as an excellent alternative to other materials, and the range of possible applications is very wide. It all comes down to the creativity of the architect or the designer. It can be used as a diffusor, tabletop, decoration, wall object, emblem, or even a coat of arms.”  
Jan Rabell, CEO Janštejn Glass Group We’ve also got a new video for you, where you’ll find the complete story of BROKISGLASS. Be sure to check it out.